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Automate and streamline your accounting process

For over 25 years BankLink has been helping accountants create efficiencies within their practices, work more effectively with clients and increase their profits.

BankLink is an innovative service that automates and streamlines the accounting process for accounting practices and their small business and SMSF clients.

Accountants are provided with reliable, timely and accurate client transaction data electronically, along with easy to use accounting software called BankLink Practice.

This enables them to easily process information, and produce timely financial reports for their clients to assist with business decision making.

BankLink also provides accountants with simple Solutions for your Business clients that can be best suited to their needs and abilities - helping small businesses avoid software that is complex and expensive to use.

BankLink benefits

  • Creates efficiencies - virtually eliminates manual data entry
  • Saves time - recurring transactions can be automatically coded and there's no rework
  • Increases productivity - helps you manage more clients
  • Over 100 data sources supplying accurate, secure and timely transaction information
  • Reliable, timely and accurate data – available daily, weekly or monthly
  • Keeps the accountant in control - of client information and client relationships
  • Simple and easy to use software - For your Practice, and For your Clients
  • Adds value - timely financial reports to help clients with decision making

Our history

As a recognised market leader, BankLink is used by over 5,000 accounting practices, and over quarter of a million small business and SMSF clients throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Is BankLink secure?

Yes. BankLink is completely secure and has achieved PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) compliancy — a security standard set by the major credit card companies. Your clients do not disclose their bank passwords at any time and the service does not have any internet banking capabilities.

Electronic copies of your clients’ transactions are sent to your practice under strict international security measures. Your clients’ transaction data is supplied in encrypted form and cannot be accessed by anyone other than your practice.

Clients cannot be registered with BankLink until they have provided a signed authority form.