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“With BankLink, we’ve reduced the processing time per SMSF client by around 30 percent.”

03 April 2012

Green Taylor Partners has established a reputation for providing a comprehensive and highly efficient Self-Managed Super Funds service. But what sets this practice apart is their ability to create a true partnership with their clients. One of the key attributes for their success is the way they use The BankLink Service.

Green Taylor Partners first began using BankLink for their business clients, enabling them to significantly increase their efficiency and effectiveness.

According to Rohan Brown and Matt Richardson, Principals at Green Taylor Partners, it didn’t take long for them to identify that these same benefits could just as easily be achieved with their Self-Managed Super Fund (SMSF) clients.

“BankLink means that we can have all the information before our clients even realise that we need it,” says Matt. “A lot of SMSFs have repetitive transactions and the auto-coding features in BankLink means that our cadet accountants can take charge of this activity, while we can focus on adding value.”

Improved productivity has allowed Green Taylor Partners to expand their range of services and work more proactively with their clients.

“BankLink gives you the capability and the capacity to expand your SMSF business,” says Matt.

“It has helped us create a real partnership with our clients by giving us the capability to have more valuable face-to-face time with them. Ultimately, that means we can spend more time with our clients on valuable planning and project work, rather than only on compliance.”

The practice uses BankLink in combination with BGL Simple Fund – creating some impressive results.

“With BankLink, we’ve reduced the processing time per SMSF client by around 30 percent,” says Rohan. “By harnessing the power of BankLink and BGL combined, we believe this can be reduced even further. It’s a fantastic mix.”

Excess contributions and security of information are two key concerns for SMSF clients. BankLink helps Green Taylor Partners more easily monitor contribution caps and resolve any potential issues before they become a real concern.

“By 31 May, and even beforehand, we have a much better idea of what contributions are coming in,” says Rohan. “We also know the amount of hurdles that BankLink goes through in ensuring absolute security of that information.”

Accuracy is of absolute importance when working with SMSFs, says Matt. “BankLink ensures the SMSF data we’re working with is always watertight. It means we can guarantee the information we pass on to the ATO and it takes the chances away of there being any errors.”

Matt adds that BankLink is an integral part of their philosophy. “BankLink helps us in constantly striving to improve our practice and the services we provide to our clients.”

It’s easy to see why this practice continues to grow their productivity and their SMSF client base.

BankLink Benefits

  • Reduced processing time by around 30 percent per SMSF client
  • Enhanced relationships with clients
  • Senior accountants able to focus on added value services
  • Cadet accountants can manage processing work
  • Assured accuracy of information supplied to the ATO
  • Seamless integration with BGL Simple Fund


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