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02 January 2011

Upgrading is easy - providing you have a link to the Internet you can do it from within your software, whether it's BankLink Practice, BankLink Books, BankLink Notes, BankLink InvoicePlus or BankLink PayablesPlus.

BankLink Practice

Select System | Options and choose the Updates tab – click Check for Updates.

If there are new versions of your programs you'll be prompted to download them and guided through the whole process by the BankLink Upgrade Wizard.

BankLink Communication Solutions

The procedure is the same for BankLink Books, Notes, InvoicePlus and PayablesPlus, except that you start from the Help menu:




You can download the following PDF documents to help you and your clients update your BankLink software:

Upgrading BankLink Practice >

Upgrading BankLink Books >

Upgrading BankLink Notes >

Note: Upgrading from within the software is available in all versions of BankLink InvoicePlus and PayablesPlus, in BankLink Practice and Books version 5.9 and above, and in BankLink Notes version 1.3 and above.

If you're using earlier versions of our software, you'll need to talk to the BankLink Support team.

Please contact Support on 1800 123 242
with any questions about upgrading.